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It's September....sharpen your pencils!

For most of us, it’s been years since we headed back to the classroom in September. But there’s something about the fall that makes you want to sharpen your pencils and get back on track, all refreshed after the summer. It’s good to take advantage of this brisk, back-to-work attitude – by making sure your personal finances are on track – especially if you spent a little extra money this summer on holidays or seasonal renovations. We’ve all got a fresh year of expenses ahead, and with mortgage rates still very low, many Canadians are reviewing their financial picture and preparing for the next few years.

Carefully structured – and with a timely tune-up – your mortgage can be a powerful financial tool and get you through any challenges in the year ahead.

Talk to your mortgage planner today, especially if any of the following apply:

• You’re considering a renovation project because you want to take advantage of the home  renovation tax credit. You can get a credit up to $1,350, which is taken right off your  taxes owing, but this is only available until February 1, 2010 so you’ll need to get  going;
• You feel your mortgage rate is much higher than current rates and you could benefit by  paying less interest or having a lower monthly payment. We can analyze your situation and  show you the possibilities;
• You may have to deal with a downturn in income sometime this year or you have a large  expense looming;
• You’re carrying some credit card or other high-interest debt that is eating away at your  monthly cashflow; or,
• You’re worried about your retirement savings, and you’ve heard there’s a way to use a  tax-deductible mortgage to build your investments.

Whatever is in your financial future – debt paydown, new home or investment property, or some fresh expenses – it’s a great time discuss how mortgage planning can help meet your long-term goals.  Call today!

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